Do we take advantage of these days to the maximum?

We give you some ideas of activities that you can do during these fifteen days, which will not only keep you active, but will also give a different touch to your room and fill you with energy throughout the day.

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Classic and glamorous at the same time. You will feel like royalty in the room. A balanced mix with decorative tapestries with different textures and the first cushion, with embroidered tapestry.

To give it a more welcoming touch, you can include a blanket that you can later use for your reading time.


Blue tones stand out, which naturally originate and enhance the entry of light. In this way, your room will look more spacious.

Again, you can resort to using different textures both in the blanket and in the pillowcases and tapestries. In this case, we use embroidered decorative tapestries, background, embroidered pillowcases in shades of blue. In the background, light blue and navy blue pillows.

Blue and white are a combination of love. Use them to add freshness to the room.


The most vibrant and colorful. Warmth and personality in the room.

The game of colors and design, in addition to the use of cushions and pillows, make you never want to leave the room. Either to sleep pleasantly at night or during the day for your moments of reading or leisure.

How do we neutralize to balance this collection? Using pillowcases in light blue tones.

The protagonist in bed? Difficult to choose, but we love the embroidery on the sheets.

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