The dream bedroom and how to achieve it

The house is our refuge, it is the place we want to reach after a long day. Inside this refuge, we find an even more special place, the center, where we find balance and peace both physically and mentally; our bedroom.
And why is it so special? Because here we spend quality time. Not only the number of hours matters but what happens and we achieve in them; rest, pleasure, making important decisions and above all the basis of the attitude we have on a daily basis. In short, our bedroom is our reflection, it is the definition of who we are and expresses a high degree of self-love.

-How do we achieve the bedroom of our dreams?

Through our bed and the elements that dress it. Bedding of the best quality, natural fiber fabrics since they will be in contact with our body and will also give that decorative style to the bedroom, becoming the protagonist.

We show you here the elements that you should consider. We explain its functionality in detail as well as tips for having a magazine decoration.

1. Pillow top:

It is the element that will completely change the way you sleep. The Pillow Top is a quilted layer filled with feathers that is placed on top of the mattress and provides an exquisite feeling of comfort when resting. In addition, it acts as an additional barrier of protection against the cold.

The Pillow top has four loops at the ends which will serve as anchors on the mattresses. Being filled with feathers, the feeling you will have will be like sleeping on the clouds. An essential to fall asleep and get quality rest.

2. The sheets:

Fundamental decision for a rest of the best level. Its composition gives your body a feeling of shelter, softness, and personal pride. Direct your mind to relax, disconnect and make way for sleep. The number of threads that make up the sheets are those that provide greater softness. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. Be careful, the composition of these threads is what matters and what determines their quality. We recommend reading the full article on thread count here .

You can find sheets made of 100% pima cotton or Tencel, a very soft organic fiber. All materials of unsurpassed quality that offer multiple benefits. Pima cotton, for example, has very fine, uniform and resistant yarns. It is a very cool fabric as it allows air to flow freely: the fabric absorbs sweat and releases it to the surface.

How to choose it to achieve a harmonious decoration?

The style of the sheets should complement the exterior design. For example, if the coverlet has a floral print, choose sheets with floral embroidery. Or if, on the contrary, the coverlet has a more neutral style, the sheets could also accompany it with the same design.

We leave you some examples:

The floral embroidery on these 100% pima cotton sheets complements the same floral style of the duvet cover set. You can opt for reversible duvet covers to have more decoration options.

The watercolor effect of this duvet cover set makes it very clean and balanced. You can combine it with sheets in a solid color that matches the colors of the duvet cover itself.

3. What type of cover should you choose: duvet or bedspread?

The feather duvet :

The down filling gives the body that right level of warmth and warmth, but at a very light weight that doesn't suffocate. Read our article on the subject here.

The duvet must be accompanied by a coverlet also known as a duvet cover. It will give the duvet a long useful life and will contribute 100% to the decoration of your bedroom. You can find it in infinite styles, from solid colors to textures, embroidery and prominent prints. In addition, being made of 100% pima cotton will give you the softness that your body deserves.

  • How to choose the duvet cover and what it contributes to the bedroom decoration?

Here there are factors that you should analyze such as, for example, your personality, what you are trying to convey, the size of the bedroom, lighting, etc. We help you with some tips:

-Choose light colors if you are looking to brighten your bedroom. Combine it with a blanket at the foot of the bed to add warmth.

- If you want your bedroom to be warm, opt for earth tones and creams. You can play with different textures in the cushions which will provide greater comfort.
- If your bedroom does not have much decoration, the key piece will be the duvet cover. Choose a leading print that adds style to the room.

The bedspread:

Also known as a quilted blanket, it is an alternative if you are looking for another shelter option, apart from the down comforter. Pima cotton exterior and extra soft microfiber filling. The rules that you will apply here are similar to those of the duvet cover, here are some styles.

4. Pillows and cushions.

The pillow is the extraordinary and fundamental piece if you are looking to put an end to bad nights. Its feather composition will make you lie down naturally and organically without compromising good posture. The cushions, on the other hand, contribute to comfort in your moments of leisure, in addition to being the icing on the cake in the decoration of the bedroom.

How to choose the cushions?

The cushions give the bedroom another look. That magazine style. We recommend that you use feather cushions as they give greater consistency and visually improve the decorative tapestry. We show you how to place them:

- Large cushions on the back. They serve as perfect support for those afternoons when you lie in bed. If your bed is KING we recommend 3 cushions of 65cm x 65cm. And if your bed is QUEEN only 2 cushions

- We recommend having 4 pillows for a total look.
- Cushions: you can choose 3. Two tapestries of the same design and one that stands out and breaks the monotony

5. Footboard and decorative throws.

Very versatile elements since they serve as an extra layer of warmth, they prevent your duvet cover or light-colored bedspread from getting dirty and they are a visual element that harmonizes the different elements in the bed.

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