Decorate following color theory

How to choose and combine colors to decorate spaces at home?

When you are in the decorating process, the task of choosing colors is not easy. However, by following some of the rules of Color Theory, you will achieve a harmonious result. The first thing you should know is that colors are capable of transmitting emotions. Therefore, it is very important that when choosing the color, you know what atmosphere will be felt in the space.
This is a color palette, where colors and their ranges are visually represented. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow and from these 3 all the colors we know are derived. So from this circle we will see some rules that will help us achieve visual harmony in our living room, bedroom and all the spaces you want.
We explain below
1. Monochromatic
Choose the color you like the most and combine it with different shades. We assure you that this option will create a minimalist environment but with a lot of personality and elegance.
Applied in practice!
2. Analog
It is the choice of colors that are next to each other. For example: blue and purple. These are cold colors that convey calm, tranquility.
Another option: If you choose, for example, orange and yellow, you will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Applied in practice!
3. Complementary
They are those colors that are located in the opposite place on the circle. For example, a classic and successful combination: red and blue.
Applied in practice!
4. Triad
Here you can choose 3 colors that together form an equilateral triangle. For example light blue, yellow and red.
Applied in practice!
Decoration, in addition to being an experience to enjoy, can have positive effects on our mood. Dare and renew the environments at home.
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