Taking care of your products

The unique sensation of feeling your new sheets or the pleasure of laying your head on the perfect pillow. It is possible to prolong that feeling that your new products offer you for much longer and make luxurious rest, pleasant at night, part of your personal care. At Plumas we have created a new category specialized in taking care of your mattress, pillows and adding a lot of comfort when sleeping. We show you below:


The basis of a deep night's rest. It is essential that you choose a mattress that meets your sleeping preferences. The bed is absolutely important as it is here where we rest, relax and find a lot of peace. During the day it is very common for accidents such as spilling liquids to occur, but at night, the sweat that we naturally emanate when sleeping causes millions of dead cells to be shed. An unprotected mattress becomes the host of these bacteria that very frequently cause symptoms such as coughing, asthma or sneezing. For this reason, it is essential to have a mattress protector that is also made of a resistant material that can easily absorb sweat and is also hypoallergenic. Only in this way, your mattress will always be your perfect ally.


Do you know the secret of the beds in the best hotels in the world? That luxurious rest that you get on your vacation is due to the unique comfort provided by that additional layer that goes on top of the mattress. Our Pillow Top has a filling that allows you to feel a unique softness when sleeping. Luxury rest at home is possible.


It is essential that the pillow fits your neck perfectly. And it is just as important that you consider a protector that prolongs the good condition of the pillow and also offers you that freshness every night when you sleep. Like the mattress, the pillow absorbs the sweat we give off every night. That's why the pillow protector has an anti-mite function. It is highly recommended that they be washed at least once a week since they are in permanent contact with our hair and skin. That's why consider always having more than 3 protectors at home: one that goes in the closet, the one you use and the one you wash.


If we talk about accessories that give the room that hotel look, a bed skirt cannot be missing. This adds a lot of decorative style to the bedroom as well as protecting the base of the bed. The skirt is placed under the mattress, on the base or platform of the bed. The length manages to hang to the floor. You can find it in different designs which will allow you to change the decorative style of the bedroom instantly and very noticeably.


Discover our category of Protectors and take care of the investment of a luxury rest, for longer. Find it here.

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