Autumn is here and we're getting ready for it

The world has shown us that to heal it needs to breathe, that people let it breathe. These days at home have allowed us to look inward and discover wonderful things that we are capable of doing.

The world does not stop. And now, without realizing it, we say goodbye to summer to make way for autumn. A season of slow change, in which little by little we must get used to it.

We love autumn afternoons when the temperature begins to drop and forces us to bundle up with some additional garment. At night, we just want to take refuge in our beds.

That is why in this article we recommend some essential pieces for the new season.

For the room

You cannot miss a good down comforter. The feather is the best insulator from the cold of nature. Warm and light, it maintains the ideal temperature so you can enjoy a pleasant sleep.

In Plumas you can find different qualities depending on the feather it contains. Let us explain:

Signature: Composed of pure down. Great shelter capacity with the least possible weight. Extra soft to the touch. Provides a feeling of comfort ideal for a luxurious rest. You will feel like in the hotel bed of your favorite vacation.

Premium: Composed of 50% down and 50% feather. Heavier and more consistent than Signature quality. Keeps the temperature stable for a deep and restful sleep.

Classic: Combines 20% Down and 80% Feather. All the warmth of the feather at a more accessible price. (Available exclusively in the online store).

For the living room

For those who wanted autumn to come, just to use their blankets at all times. It is the station whose synonym is this garment.

Perfect for cold nights but also perfect as a decorative element, both in the living room and in the bedroom, on top of your favorite duvet cover.

It is the ally for the colder seasons and those movie afternoons on Sundays. Nothing cozier than a blanket or throw as we call it.


Autumn / Winter, does not mean leaving aside the comfort of a cool and light pajamas at the same time since the quilt will fulfill its warming function.

For this reason, we recommend a two-piece pajamas, long-sleeved shirt and pants, made of 100% cotton. Maximum comfort and delicacy for your skin.

So you already have all the essentials for this cold season.

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