Say goodbye to the cold! The moment for quilts has arrived


The fall and winter favorite. All you need to know for a luxurious dream

The best part of the cold season is bundling up and crawling into bed until we cover ourselves completely. A cup of hot tea, turning on the TV or reading a book become our favorite pastimes. And for that reason, the quilt becomes the perfect ally. Our down filled duvets will make you feel that you deserve that, a moment of pleasant rest.

In Plumas, we have created different types of quilts designed for each type of person, depending on the sensitivity to cold, the weight of the quilt and the amount of feathers or down it contains.

WINTER QUILT: Contains greater volume of feathers and therefore is very warm. Perfect for the coldest time of the year.

LIGHTWEIGHT QUILT: Contains less feathers, ideal for hot climates and for people with little sensitivity to cold.

The feather is the best insulator from the cold of nature. Warm and light, it maintains the ideal temperature so you can enjoy a pleasant sleep. We have different types of filling depending on the amount of quality of the down or feather it contains:

SIGNATURE: The finest quality as it is composed of 100% down. It has the ability to repel moisture and retain heat. Very light weight due to the structure and shape of the down.

PREMIUM: Composed of 50% down and 50% feather. Greater consistency and weight than Signature quality. Keeps the temperature stable for a deep sleep.

CLASSIC: Combines 20% Down and 80% Feather. All the benefits of a feather coat at an affordable price.

Do you know the difference between PLUMA and PLUMÓN? Let us explain:

Their difference lies mainly in the shape and thermal qualities. The down grows under the feathers that cover the neck, chest and belly of the bird and forms an interior protection. This material is lightweight and consists of a nucleus that is practically invisible and imperceptible to the touch, with thousands of capillaries as fine as silk that form star-shaped branches. Down has great heat-insulating qualities, unmatched lightness, moisture absorption capacity and delicate softness.

On the other hand, the feather is the rest of the bird's plumage (except the plumage located in the wing and tail area). The feather also has the ability to repel moisture and maintain heat, however it is heavier than down, feels to the touch and when moved it can generate a crunching sound of the stems colliding with each other.

Don't forget to complement it with a duvet or down cover, you will not only protect the duvet but will add style to the decoration of your room.

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