20 activities to do with Mom on her special day

Mothers truly deserve the world every day, but especially on Mother's Day. If you still don't know what to give your mom, we have a series of ideas for perfect activities to do on Mother's Day that will surely make her feel very special.

1. Ceramics Class

Working together to make art will not only allow you to walk away with a unique piece, you will also be able to bond while exploring a new activity.

2. They create a characteristic aroma

If your mom has a large collection of fragrances, sign her up for a class on making her own perfume. He will leave with a unique scent, and every time he uses it, he will remember the time he spent with you.

3. Visit an amusement park

For the mom who is always looking for adventure, a trip to the nearest amusement park will be a pleasant surprise.

4. Make pizzas together!

Start with basic pizza dough that everyone can then add their favorite toppings.

5. Organize a Mother's Day book club

For the book lover. Before the big day, let Mom choose a book for everyone to read and on Mother's Day, you can get together to discuss.

6. Watch home movies

Whether this involves digitizing old VHS tapes or pulling videos off your phone and onto your TV, dig into the family archives and host a home movie marathon. You will be excited to see how much everyone has grown.

7. Play sports together

If Mom is an exercise fan, join her for a workout!

8. Make a memory book

On Mother's Day, ask her to choose her favorite photos. Not only will they have a great time reliving memories, but it will give them the inspiration they need to make a memory book. They can make it an annual tradition.

9. Play a board game

If Mom likes to win, challenge her to a friendly board game competition.

10. Go to the beach

The sun, the waves and a good book are the perfect ingredients for a relaxing Mother's Day.

11. Go to the theater

You can enjoy a play or a musical, it will be a nice experience to remember, and even become a tradition.

12. Book a weekend getaway

There's no day like Mother's Day to be impulsive! Book a weekend trip for the two of you somewhere mom has always wanted to visit. You can also opt for a “Staycation” and spend the weekend in a nearby hotel where you can both rest.

13. Take a flower arranging class

Take advantage of the season by going to a flower arranging class with mom. It is a relaxing and ideal plan for lovers of flowers and lovers of constantly taking care of their gardens.

14. Bake a dessert together

Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without something sweet. If your mom loves to bake, make something together.

15. Enjoy a Brunch

Mother's Day falls on Sunday every year, which is also the universal day for a delicious brunch. Invite mom to her favorite place! Remember to call ahead to make a reservation.

16. Take a cooking class

Get out of your comfort zone in an adventurous cooking class where the two of you can learn a new recipe together. Whether you are experienced cooks looking to try a new technique, or beginners just getting started, it will be a class you will both enjoy!

17. Book a massage for her

Mom will really appreciate a moment of peace and relaxation. Join her if you can and make it a fun spa day!

18. Give him a day at the hairdresser

Help mom feel like the queen she is! If you have a favorite hairdresser, be sure to book time with them.

19. Take a tour of historical sites or museums

If your mom loves history, gather the family for a tour of nearby historical sites. The beautiful weather and what you will learn will surely make your day even more memorable.

20. Take a wine painting class

Sign up for a paint and wine event. They will drink, laugh and have a beautiful memory of such a fun and special day.

Let these ideas inspire the best celebration for mom!

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