5 Reasons why you will sleep better with our products

1. Responsible Down Standard

At Plumas we are aware of the challenge that comes with obtaining materials in a sustainable way, hand in hand with the care of nature. Concerned about ensuring that there is no type of animal abuse, we have international certification in the Responsible Down Standard.

What is RDS?

It is a global standard that allows companies to certify their products under strict conditions in favor of respect for animals. It was developed and reviewed for years with the help of animal rights organizations, industry experts and various brands against animal mistreatment and abuse.

2. Our Duvets

When it comes to sleeping, there is nothing we enjoy more than sheltering in the softness of our bed. Whether you love the lightweight warmth of a duvet or prefer something heavier, our collection of down-filled duvets promise to keep you at the perfect, ideal temperature all year round.

  • Infinity Quality: Extra fluffy and light at the same time, made of pure down. The closest thing to sleeping in the clouds!
  • Signature Quality: Composed of pure down. Great shelter capacity with the lowest possible weight. Extra soft to the touch.
  • Premium Quality: Composed of 50% down and 50% feather. Greater consistency and weight than Signature quality.
  • Classic Quality: Combines 20% down and 80% feather. Feathers may be more noticeable to the touch.

3. The quality of the Pen

One of the benefits that the pen offers you is its long useful life. This natural fiber can be washed in water, maintaining its structure. With proper care, feather products can last more than 10 years.

Do not hesitate to choose the best for this crucial moment in the day. The pen is that element that you need to obtain a deep and restorative rest.

4. Our Covereduvets

Our duvet cover sets from 400 Thread Count are made from 100% Pima Cotton and offer you the perfect combination of comfort, warmth and unmatched style. With their modern and sophisticated design, they will undoubtedly stand out in your room.

Enjoy the soft, cozy warmth of premium pima cotton on your restful nights.

5. Attention to details

Unmatched quality and great attention to detail in everything we do are at the center of our essence. At PLUMAS, we have been developing impeccably elegant products with an exceptional design... unique for more than 30 years.

We believe in making the most of life's simple pleasures - it's the little things that matter. Precious moments of uncomplicated happiness are our constant inspiration and with this in mind, we create collections designed to last and become an intimate part of our daily lives.

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