Robes and towels! Indispensable now more than ever


At a time when hygiene and cleanliness have become crucial, high-quality towels and robes and gentle treatment for your skin are essential.

We leave you some recommendations of the products that you cannot miss.

 Bathrobes: Made of 100% cotton, with a velvety touch. After a revitalizing bath, you won't want to take it off all day.

Bath towels: 100% cotton of 650gr. Maximum absorption and softness.

Towel care?

  1. Consider washing them once a week, as moisture is a hotbed for bacteria.
  2. Gentle wash cycle, mild detergent and warm water.
  3. Consider a cold water rinse cycle.
  4. Wash and dry them separately from other clothes as they tend to shed lint.
  5. Make sure the towels are completely dry for fresh storage. Remember that humidity is not an ally of cleaning.

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