Pima cotton and its benefits. Find more about them!

One of the main characteristics of pima cotton is its extraordinary length, fineness and softness in its fibers. Which ensures a product with very fine yarns, uniform and above all RESISTANT. In addition, it is a very cool fabric since it allows air to flow freely; the fabric absorbs sweat and releases it to the surface. It is a soft, silky and flexible fabric. Also very easy to iron. Another reason that makes it a great fabric is the BRIGHTNESS AND INTENSITY OF COLOR. Pima cotton has a shiny effect in the light, thanks to the long threads that criss-cross throughout the fabric.

Pima cotton is a HYPOALLERGENIC fabric. It is a dermatologically tested fabric, which mitigates and helps prevent allergy risks. One of the benefits that fascinates us the most is its DURABILITY, cotton garments are very resistant and durable, they withstand continuous machine washing and high temperatures very well.

At Plumas we work with the best quality materials, especially pima cotton. In the sheets they are a real luxury when sleeping and resting. We invite you to enjoy a set of pima cotton sheets. Once you try them, you will know what true comfort and softness is for a luxurious sleep.

At Plumas, we are experts in the art of good sleep.

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