7 tips to decorate your room

7 tips to decorate a beautiful room

The bedroom should be a place of personal escape, a sanctuary that expresses your favorite colors, feelings, tastes, and more. In this article, we leave you 7 basic tips when decorating the bedroom and get the one you dreamed of and deserve.

Instead of bold colors, go for a palette of soothing, monochromatic shades. Soft tones like blue, lavender, or green are considered calm and collected. The gold or bronze tones help create an environment that conveys comfort and convenience. These can include burnt browns, deep pomegranate, or topaz. You can choose these colors but dim them according to your preference.

The ceiling is the fifth wall in a room.

When you lie down on the bed, do you see a flat, blank surface? You can add a subtle pattern or a soft color. Paint it in a slightly lighter version of the color of the other walls. This will help to visually lower the ceiling and give the space a feeling of comfort and privacy.

A bedroom should look cozy, simple, sophisticated and elegant,

regardless of the style of decoration you choose. To allow you to easily navigate the room, leave a minimum of three feet between the bed and side walls or large furniture and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture, such as tables and dressers.

When you're ready to shop for bedroom furniture, start with a floor plan and a measured drawing of the space so that the furniture is the correct size.

Less is more: A bed, a nightstand or two, a dresser and a chair are necessary, the rest will create clutter. This also applies to accessories. You can choose a painting by your favorite artist or photos. The flowers are perfect along with some candles; Peace, tranquility and good taste.

The part we love, the bedding! The way we dress the bed totally defines the style of a bedroom. Choosing between neutral colors and delicate or modern prints will be a reflection of your personality. But what is clear is that they must be made with the best fabrics. Discover our selection of bedspreads and blankets. Combine it with cushions and tapestries of different sizes to give life and movement to your decoration. Remember that playing with the heights of the cushions and pillows will make your bed look like a magazine!

Includes various lighting options

Ambient light illuminates the space completely, small lamps provide focused light such as during reading and other activities, and accent lighting helps to softly illuminate the walls.

An escape into the room

A quiet place to sit and read. Create an intimate reading or resting area with a comfortable chair and stool at the end of your bed. If you have a window, you can put the chair to the side, a table, a candle and a blanket to keep you warm.


Having this space and keeping it sacred will affect your mood. Pamper yourself and renovate your room. We have a special promotion for you.

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