Perks of sleeping with a feather pillow

Choosing the best pillow is very important to achieve a good quality of sleep. Although the size of the pillow is important, you should know the advantages that this material has over others. That is why we teach you the advantages of sleeping with a feather pillow. Read the following note.

Sleeping well not only has to do with the hours of sleep: it also has to do with the quality of it. Actions such as waking up and moving around at night are the consequence of discomfort when sleeping. An ideal sleep should be uninterrupted and comfortable, also avoiding waking up with pain or annoyance in any area of ​​our body.

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Advantages of the feather pillow

1. Softness: one of the most notable advantages is the difference in softness with respect to other pillows. Not only will you feel a feeling of comfort that will make you sleep in an instant, but the softness and shape of your pillow will last a lifetime, unlike others with different materials.

2. Temperature: There are materials such as memory foam that may seem comfortable, but are so hot that they could interrupt your sleep. The advantage of down pillows is that, being a natural and lightweight material, they allow air to circulate and do not overheat, but rather stay cool at night.

3. Life time: It is true that feather pillows are usually a little more expensive than those of other materials, but there is a detail. If you use fiber pillows, have you noticed how many pillows you should buy in a 20-year period? Surely many, since they tend to lose shape and smoothness quickly, becoming uncomfortable.

Investing in a feather pillow will give you a product with incredible durability, so you will not have to spend your life buying replacements for your pillows.

4. Contains fewer mites: Contrary to popular belief, feather pillows reduce the risk of asthma and allergies. Recent medical studies have shown that synthetic pillows can contain up to 8 times more mites than feather or down pillows.

Although there is an allergy to feathers (as to most materials), the frequency of appearance in the population is very low, so it is not usually taken into account.

5. They are natural: An important advantage of feather pillows is that they are natural materials. The use of feathers has been questioned a lot, but it is due to the lack of knowledge of the modern processes of obtaining feathers.

For example, we use excellent quality pens with distributors that follow RDS (Responsible Down Standards). Feathers and down are not obtained from live animals, but are a by-product in the breeding process for food. Taking advantage of these inputs instead of producing plastic and other synthetic materials contributes to caring for the environment.


To get the most out of the advantages that sleeping with a feather pillow gives you, we recommend taking the following into account:

- Choose the ideal filling or size: 100% down pillows (chest feathers) are the softest, but also those with the lowest height, while a pillow that combines feathers and down will give you more support.

The ideal pillow will vary depending on your sleeping posture. You can visit our Pillow Guide to find out which is the best for you.

- Use a quality cover or protector. Feather pillows last a lifetime. However, for this to happen you must make sure that your protector is of good quality and that it is washed periodically.

We recommend using covers that are 100% cotton so that the feeling of softness of the pillow is not affected.

There are many advantages that a feather pillow has over others. They are better in softness, temperature, life time, accumulating less mites and being natural products. Try changing your ideal pillow for a feather one and you will notice a big difference. Remember that sleeping is a pleasure that should be made the most of.

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