5 Benefits of sleeping well

Most of us recognize that sleeping well has many benefits and that it is important in our lives. However, sometimes we are not fully aware of the true positive effects that a good night's sleep brings. Therefore, we'll show you the 5 most important benefits of sleeping well. Read the following note:

Getting a good night's sleep involves more than just being well on waking or during the day. Sleep is a process in which our brain and body remain active to maintain an energy, hormonal and intellectual balance. Bad sleep affects not only our brain, but every part of our body.

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There are some main benefits that we must consider about sleeping well:

Improves your cognition and mental health

Adequate sleep not only helps us not feel tired: it is vital to achieve a balance in our mental processes and to improve our performance. Good sleep affects:

- Have a good response time (vital for people who handle or carry out risky activities). Good sleep is essential to prevent damage to the brain areas responsible for reasoning and problem solving.

- Fix knowledge: adequate sleep helps to consolidate the memories that we have spent during the day. Not only that, but the loss of sleep also damages our ability to form memories and memorize, making you more forgetful over time.

- Improve mood: sleeping well avoids feeling negative emotions such as anger, helping us to maintain a good mood during the day. In addition, it helps us to have better control of impulses and our emotions.

- Combat depression and anxiety: If you are a person who does not suffer from any of these disorders, you should also bear in mind that sleeping well helps prevent them. Having a bad night's sleep generates an imbalance of our neurotransmitters, causing depressive symptoms to appear little by little.

Delays aging

During sleep, our body manages to eliminate toxins that accumulate in our tissues. Without adequate sleep, these toxins begin to damage the aging process of our brain and skin, accelerating it in every way.

It is an important process to stay young for longer and avoid suffering typical diseases in advanced ages.

Avoid the appearance of cardiovascular diseases:

People with insomnia tend to have high blood pressure and an unhealthy heart rate. Good sleep habits accompanied by an adequate lifestyle, as indicated by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, help reduce the risks of heart disease by 65%.

This is due to various reasons. One of them is that lack of sleep maintains high levels of certain substances in our body that cause inflammation in our blood vessels, in addition to helping to increase cholesterol and unhealthy fats.

Improves the immune system

There are many reasons why a good night's sleep improves our immune system:

- Reduces negative stress, a state closely related to the weakening of our immune system.

- The system has more energy to direct to strengthen our immune cells, also fighting diseases more easily.

- Maintains repaired tissues, so our immune system is less stressed.

Helps maintain a healthy weight:

Although maintaining a healthy weight is also related to other factors, sleeping well keeps a very important factor at bay: hormonal balance.

There are hormones such as leptin that regulate our appetite and feeling of fullness. By not sleeping well and not maintaining good hormonal levels, we can feel an appetite at extreme levels (a lot or a little) throughout the day.

Also, if you are a person who exercises during the week, getting a good night's sleep will help with tissue repair. This helps not only to a faster recovery, but also has a lot to do with weight loss.

While our body repairs tissues during sleep, it expends stored energy. If we do not give it adequate rest, that energy will remain stored in our body, preventing us from maintaining a healthy weight.

There are many benefits that an adequate sleep rhythm gives us. Some may seem more important than others, but only with all these benefits will we be able to live fully and maintain our feeling of happiness to the fullest.

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