The best tips to achieve memorable table styling

Do you plan to receive guests these days? Or do you simply want to add a special touch to your home decor? No matter what the occasion, we tell you that luckily sprucing up your home is as easy as changing the table decoration from one season to the next.

As we delve deeper into the world of decoration and table linens, we discover that table runners are the stars of these since they serve to create a display and decorate the dining table, to create an additional focal point in your entrance, among others. These easy table toppers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and fabrics to fit everyone's personal style, and the best thing is, they'll look perfect no matter the type of table.

And, while it is good to know that table runners are our allies when it comes to decoration, one can tend to get overwhelmed with the series of varieties, styles and colors that exist, not to mention that we also tend to get lost in all the images of inspiration that we find on Pinterest and then have no idea how to recreate. Therefore, it is important not to let it overwhelm us or prevent us from decorating our home, we must remember that creating fresh and fun table decorations is less about following a strict set of rules and more about expressing your own creativity and sense of design. .

Taking this into account, at Plumas we show you our three favorite ways to decorate with table runners.

1. Play with lengths

Traditionally, table runners are placed lengthwise and centered on the table, with enough length to leave some material hanging over the edges, almost as low as a tablecloth.

Try a few looks and see what you like best.


You can keep things traditional with a single table runner centered along the table and covering about a third of the table. Used this way, the table runner serves as a visual center line for the table where centerpieces are lined up or serving plates are placed.


2. Try something short

Formal table runners should usually span the entire length of a dining table, but shorter table runners can also add contrast to a more casual, everyday table.


A shorter runner will have all the impact of a longer one, but you'll still be able to show off the beautiful surface of your dining room table.


In this case, choose a table runner significantly shorter than the length of the table.

3. Go wide

A less formal arrangement can be to place shorter table runners across the width of the table. This creates a sense of visual unity on the dining table and, if you use enough, you can skip the placemats.


If your dining table is very long, table runners placed widthwise can serve as a visual and physical divider between place settings.

We hope you liked these tips, now discover our selection of table runners and don't forget to tag us on our social networks if you try any of them!


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