Plumas Space - Carla Canepa

She has a taste for decoration in her veins. A passion that she inherited and with which she grew up from a very young age thanks to her parents; architects and decorators. She has lived in this house for 32 years. Two years ago, she carried out a major remodeling as she decided to tear down walls to have the terrace she wanted, next to the bar and the living room. A large united space, with the purpose of having contact with nature and feeling, literally, outside. Today she is grateful for having made that noticeable change since during her quarantine she enjoyed having independent spaces for each member of her family.

The decorative style that is breathed is a rich composition of textures and colors, with a central axis: Wood and a color palette rich in greens, his favorite color. Something that stands out when defining her own style is that she preserves the architecture of the house of her parents and many objects that she inherited from her. But above all, comfort prevails; a place to feel relaxed, where you can have a pleasant conversation anywhere in the house, but always comfortable. That is why in every corner of the house you will find cushions filled with feathers that invite you to stay .

When you go inside her bedroom, you feel an incredible peace, an environment with a lot of energy. Visually shocking. The decoration whose protagonist continues to feel the color green, offers Carla's own strength and personality. An exquisite and precise combination of textures, without crossing the limit of the recharged. Something not so easy to achieve but that she achieves with ease. We see many cushions again and as she says, they are totally utilitarian since they offer you the comfort you need both for sleeping and for leisure moments.

During the quarantine he had to implement a space to be able to continue working from home. She chose her bedroom since from this point she has a spectacular view, which fills her with energy. A space with the necessary objects, very clean and minimal. You don't need more.

If you are looking to remodel your bedroom, these are the tips she recommends:

  • Excellent mattress < / li>
  • Pima cotton sheets
  • Feather pillows
  • Headboard
  • On the wall behind the headboard, a texture, decorative paper, paneling or just a color wall that contrasts with the rest of the room. A result that you will love.

We are leaving Carla's house with the intention of replicating everything we saw. A master class in decoration and style that reminds us of the importance of adding value to our home.

We invite you to watch the full video here.

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