Plumas Space - Analía Chumo

Analía let us enter the intimacy of her home, the most personal side and where much of the inspiration comes from to be able to create the products of the brand that she is so passionate about. She started at Plumas three years ago, a time that coincided beautifully with her first pregnancy. It challenged her to know that she would be in charge of a Home Styling and decoration company at the same time as starting her maternal life.

Her house, surrounded by light in every corner, has been decorated by herself. He tells us about his recent hobby of collecting decoration books. And that is where both her personal and professional lives come together, as she finds in these books a lot of inspiration and creativity for both her home and the brand.
The decoration style combines modern with classic. A color palette rich in earth tones and blue accents that achieve a very warm and peaceful atmosphere. The most important thing for her is to be able to convey her personality in the decoration.
Inspiration is not only found in books or platforms like Pinterest, but also in nature. So much so that many of the Plumas collections are impregnated with the essence and richness of flowers, plants and animals that make each piece unique.
It is here where the core of what Plumas is is formed. An innovative, original, daring, unconventional brand.
We continue the tour and he invites us to see his bedroom and confesses that before working for Plumas he did not give importance to quality materials in bedding. The use of pima cotton or feather made me notice the absolute difference when sleeping.

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