How to relax at the end of the day

Day by day we are in a constant state of alert, whether due to work or the different obligations we have in our lives. In addition to that, with the arrival of new technologies, we tend to “rest” from our long day in front of a large screen, replacing it with the small screen of our cell phones, which does not allow us to truly rest, only distract us from what we must achieve: A deep sleep.

With this in mind, we bring you some tips to slow down at the end of your day and enter a true state of peace and tranquility to achieve a dream rest.

1. Find the ideal pajamas


When you get home from work or after finishing your long day away from home, replace your street clothes with ideal pajamas to put us in that state of rest.


We recommend you try our pajamas , since they have multiple properties that will help you rest. They are made from a soft 300 thread count 100% pima cotton fabric.


In addition, you can combine them with a kimono, which will keep you warm during the night and when you wake up while you get ready for a new day.

2. Pillows are key


Most of the time when we talk about our rest we refer to the mattress, but we have to admit that the pillow is the perfect companion for our mattress to guarantee us the perfect rest.

At Plumas we have a variety of pillows that fit your needs and guarantee you an excellent night's rest.


Our star pillow. Composed of pure down, extra soft. Provides a feeling of comfort ideal for a luxurious rest.

Our combination of 50% feathers and 50% down provides greater firmness with an excellent return that does not “push” the head up.

Two fused pillows: a firmer one on the inside made of feathers and an external one made of down. It provides greater support and return but very softly.

It maintains the same characteristics of the Pillow in Pillow Signature but is firmer and has more weight.

3. A good duvet is the basis for a good sleep


When it comes to getting the best rest, bedding is just as important. Duvets are used on winter nights for comfort, they are breathable, insulate perfectly from the cold and maintain a constant temperature.


Do you know the different qualities of duvets we have? Here we tell you:

It is extra fluffy and light at the same time. The closest thing to sleeping in the clouds!

Composed of pure down. Great shelter capacity with the lowest possible weight. Extra soft to the touch.

Composed of 50% down and 50% feather. Greater consistency and weight than Signature quality.

Combines 20% down and 80% feather. Feathers may be more noticeable to the touch.

4. The sheets that surround you when you sleep are important!


Softness and freshness are the most important thing when it comes to comfort, and one of the keys to achieving a good rest are the sheets.

This garment is essential for a good rest; Therefore, you should choose those with the material that suits your style and tastes at bedtime. They are the most intimate bedding, because they will be directly in contact with your body at bedtime. Choosing sheets is a process that can make you hesitate, since the offer is so wide in these products that many times we do not know how to reach a decision.


At Plumas we have sheets with thread counts from 250 to 600, 100% Pima Cotton, so you can choose the quality you like best.

5. Essences to create a relaxing environment


By using personalized aromas you can create sensory experiences to transform everyday anxiety into tranquility and relaxation. This quality is of great importance to achieve a good night's rest and essential to making your room your sanctuary.


At Plumas we have a Home Spray with the characteristic fragrance of our stores, ideal for your home and your room, for unmatched comfort.

We hope that these tips will help you learn to relax and lead a calmer and, therefore, healthier life, free of stress and fatigue.

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