7 essential products this summer

Every year we look forward to the arrival of summer. During the winter months, where we seek that feeling of shelter, we long for the aroma of the sea, that sea breeze every morning and that feeling of peace and magic that the sunset brings. During the summer months we escape to the beach to find rest and good times with family and friends. We want you to take advantage of these months that always feel short. Don't miss in this article the 7 essentials that you cannot fail to take with you to the beach.


1. Sheets in summer. Say goodbye to hot nights

Nothing more annoying than waking up in the middle of the night because of the heat. To avoid this, your best ally during summer nights are long fiber and natural sheets. Which is it? Pima cotton with optimal thread count (minimum 400 threads) or Tencel. These fibers, being natural and not synthetic, offer you what you are looking for: freshness, lightness, durability, shine and more. They are materials that gently rub against your skin when you sleep. Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for avoiding allergies, which are very common in the hot season because they cause sweating on the skin. Another benefit of pima cotton, for example, is its durability. You can wash the sheets many times without them losing their softness. In fact, pima cotton sheets are up to 10 times stronger than other fabrics.


2. Pima cotton pajamas, fresh and light

Get up in the morning and go out to feel the sea breeze. That fresh and pure air accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee or infusion. Choose pajamas that have details that make them unique and with a color palette that combines with summer. That they cause you to get up and feel good, without any effort. I know what your favorites are: polo and shorts sets, dresses, ¾ pants and many more, the common denominator should always be excellent quality and with an ideal design so that you can wear them not only to sleep but also during the day, such as like a kimono!


3. Kimono: favorite garment that you can wear all year round

Versatile and timeless garments are irresistible. A kimono is that favorite piece of summer because you can use it as a light coat over your pajamas in the morning or a piece that enhances your look for nights grilling with friends. And also as a bathroom outlet! And enjoy the sunset. We recommend some with a lively floral design, since it is a garment that will completely enhance your look and style.


4. Extra 100% cotton and extra absorbent robes and towels

Get out of a refreshing shower. Go out and wrap yourself in highly absorbent towels. This is important since, on hot days, the water that remains in our body after the shower generates steam, which is why we feel hot minutes after the refreshing bath. Therefore, it is important to have a robe and towels with great absorption power and great softness, which are gentle on your skin. We advise you to opt for towels and robes of at least 500 gr and 100% cotton. This will ensure its great quality, softness, and instant absorption power.


5. Pillows! The comfort you need for a good rest on summer nights

Escaping to the beach for the weekend and feeling tired when we return to the city is something we hear frequently. Does it look familiar to you too? It is because many do not give importance to excellent quality bedding for the beach house. We tend to take the cheapest or those we no longer use in our city bed. All this is the great enemy for a good rest. The body makes an immediate association when lying on excellent quality sheets and a pillow to lie on naturally. These elements become your allies to rest every night. Feather pillows have the natural property of molding to your neck and head without “pushing” them up. The tip for finding the ideal pillow is that it should respond to the way you sleep. You can read our blog “Tell me how you sleep and I will tell you what pillow you need” here or you can also contact an online advisor to help you find the ideal pillow for you here .


6. Sensory kit

Coming home and smelling that smell that you love so much. That fresh, clean, welcoming aroma that makes your home your favorite place in the world. That's exactly what should continue to happen on the beach! Sensations to relax. Candles and aromatizers perfect for creating an atmosphere of pure relaxation at home.


7. Decoration

Relax on the terrace looking at the sea, reading a good book or enjoying a good meal, with cocktails and friends. The terrace is a very functional space in the beach house. Here it is important to have comfort and a unique style that transmits that energy of relaxation in summer. An essential element with cushions and decorative covers. The feather cushions are extraordinarily comfortable and the final look thanks to the covers is what will give it the decorative touch that you want. There are endless options for colors, textures and designs, allowing you to change your style every summer.

With these 7 products, we assure you that your days at the beach will be the best!

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